A Fume Hood is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes,vapours or dusts. Fume hood encloses the work area with five sides. It is designed at a standing work height.

Contaminated exhaust fumes from the fume hood enters to Scrubber before expelled outside the building to atmosphere. Purpose of the Scrubber is to filter the hazardous, contaminated fumes before releasing to open atmosphere. Most fume hoods for industrial purposes are ducted. Airfoil located along the bottom of the Fume Hood, the Airfoil streamlines airflow into the hood.

The holes in the Airfoil allow air to sweep the work surface & pushes contaminated air or toxic fumes, straight back to Exhaust system. When the sash is completely closed, the Airfoil provides a source of air from the room for the Fume hood to exhaust.